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Trumpet Call!

Trumpet Call Vision Document
Open or download the Trumpet Call Vision Document, which clearly outlines what Trumpet Call is about.

Churches Together for Transformation

  • Restored love for God
  • Restored love for each other in the church
  • Restored love for the nation and the continent

with an initial, combined focus on agriculture in order to feed the nation and to form a platform for further transformational initiative into all sectors of society.

Trumpet Call! Agriculture is an initiative of the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe and Foundations for Farming, joyfully incorporating the full endorsement of Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops Conference and Zimbabwe Council of Churches.

Isaiah 58, Gen 49, Matt 28, Prov 3, Luke 19


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions:

Physical Address: Plot P, Arnott Road, Westgate, Harare
Email: help@foundationsforfarming.org
Email: julia.baker@trumpetcall-agriculture.org


Trumpet Call for Transformation is in partnership with several organisations and churcheswhose desire is to pray for and practically support Zimbabwe, including:

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