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Operation Trumpet Call! is working out the vision of Trumpet Call, as model locations, across the entire nation of Zimbabwe.

In these locations the churches are exemplifying the message of Trumpet Call! – Agricualture which is calling the body of Chrsit to love Jesus, to love one another and to make a practical plan for the poorest. In 54 different places around the country the churches have gathered together around these prophetic themes. They are praying together, working together and serving their community together.

Below then is a report on the average tonnes per hectare harvested in each province of Zimbabwe at each OTC site since we started in 2009.

(Ave Tonnes
per hectare)
2011 YIELD
(Ave Tonnes
per hectare)
1. Matabeleland North 7 1.5 1.04 -31%
2. Matabeleland South 9 1.14 0.47 -59%
3. Midlands 4 0.7 1.08 54%
4. Bulawayo 5 0.8 2.16 170%
5. Masvingo 8 1.34 1.21 -10%
6. Mashonaland Central 5 3.4 3.67 8%
7. Mashonaland West 3 3.1 2.59 -16%
8. Mashonaland East 3 1.73 3.07 77%
9. Manicaland 6 0.5 3.62 624%
10. Harare 2 1.5 3.74 149%
Total number of sites 52      
National average:   1.6 2.26 41%

Bulawayo has actually been quite remarkable in the way that the people here have been brilliant in their faithfulness. A special note need to be made here of a lady just outside of town (Pauline Maphosa) that has produced a wonderful 6.99 tonnes per hectare. It proved to be the second highest of all of the sites, with only Glendale (Richard Chazawo) beating that with 8.4 tonnes!

We praise God for what is happening as we look at these figures in general, but what excites us further is the wonderful relational growth we are seeing with the pastors and leaders. And as you can understand, those things are not measurable in the context of what we have given you here, but it certainly is something to focus on and build upon.

The following map gives a geographical representation of where all the OTC locations are :

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