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Building on a Solid Foundation!

Posted on: April 30th, 2012 by trumpetcall No Comments

Ask any good engineer or master builder, a good, strong and long-lasting foundation is imperative to the longevity, overall strength and character of the final structure. Whether we are talking about buildings or people, the principle remains the same.  In the third world, many of the most important foundations of society (family, health, agricultural, and even religion) are cracked and broken; incompatible with a full, purpose driven, and successful life.

This is why Trumpet Call!-Agriculture recognizes that a strong foundation is imperative to the building of the individual.  With this in mind, our model involves a building up of society, situated on an unbreakable foundation in conjunction with sustainable, conservation agricultural principles (Foundations for Farming).  The ultimate goal of Trumpet Call!-Agriculture is the development and advancement of the Kingdom – this is ultimately supported and upheld through the development of FAMILY, COMMUNITY, CHURCHES, and LEADERSHIP.  All of these are situated firmly upon the principles and practical application of discipleship (on a practical level this discipleship is carried out through teaching Foundations for Farming principles).

Before any other these other developments occur however, Trumpet Call!-Agriculture firmly recognizes and whole-heartedly believes that the only firm, indestructible, ever-lasting, forever foundation is that of Jesus Christ – and any other foundation will surely fail.

Please keep this amazing movement in your prayers. God is truly moving in this nation!



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