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“How can we activate?” by Scott Marques

Posted on: July 14th, 2010 by trumpetcall No Comments

Scott Marques challenged the church leaders with “How can we activate?” and poured out his heart with all his usual passion as he sounded the Trumpet Call again. He said, “This is a time when God is going to give us capacity, and he has given us a mandate to be like Him! Jesus’ passion is for those who don’t know Him. Let’s do away with the rubbish that gets in the way. Scott reminded us that we must turn back to God. God is in absolute control, and our diversity reflects His glory and we are to be reckless in our love for each other.” Scott urged us not to be disconnected, but to really unify in the faith, which will lead us into faithfulness.

Scott exhorted us that it is time to roll up our sleeves because God has given us a key in agriculture. With the heart change there is action to be done. We need to be fully ready for the big events in September. He described the wonderful plan to have 55 discipleship modelling and training centres ready throughout the nation, so that a multitude of farmers can come and see how to farm God’s way on the foundations He has laid. This momentum is to lead up to the Global Day of Prayer, and the National Celebration Day. We need to be praying for the rural folk, and it is going to be tough.

We need to act practically ourselves, and God is showing us the “how” bit-by-bit. Scott then reminded everyone of many of the principles and steps of Foundations for Farming in his inimitable fashion. We pray that the passion for God can ignite us in all that we do.

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