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Reflections on the Trumpet Call Prayer Day for Zim by Scott Marques

Posted on: September 27th, 2010 by trumpetcall No Comments

The Harare Trumpet Call meeting kicked-off at 12pm on-the-dot and reminded me of the Isaiah 58 verse saying that ‘your gloom will be as the noonday sun’ and that God will ‘satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land’! The moment seemed to carry all of that prophetic sense in a very practical way.

The crowd represented the diversity of race, tribe, colour, denomination and vocation that we had hoped for. The ‘Trumpet Call’ song rang out exuberantly with the great last verse saying ‘He is the Way to healing our nation, He is the Way to Transformation, He is the Way to glory and salvation’.…and the verses saying ‘Reach out church, reach out’ following the verses of Isaiah 58. I can honestly say that it felt like Jesus was praised
and lifted up above all else.

Diverse contributions from leaders of the church demonstrated the extraordinary unity in the Spirit that God has worked-out in our midst. Although the numbers in the crowd, around 10,000 people, did not reflect the traction that one may have expected with the leadership buy-in, there seems to be huge potential to build on the sincere passion and direction of this

The welcome by the general secretaries of the umbrella bodies was a special moment and reflected amazing love between denominations: Langton Gatsi prayed powerfully and Angus Buchan brought an exhortation, connecting us to the International Day of Prayer going on around the world. Following these contributions, Dr Goodwill Shana and Scott Marques preached on the heart-message and the practicalities of the church feeding Zimbabwe this year. Brian Oldreive and Father Chiromba prayed into these messages. Pastor Tom Deuschle led an offering exhortation and Dr Shana sent us off as the Foundations for Farming “Gumboot” dancers did a song and worship continued. It was a truly historic and memorable meeting.

I(Scott) received calls and messages for the rest of the afternoon of similar testimonies from around the country. The theme of passionate response to the Trumpet Call message seems to have been evident right across the nation, with wonderful connection at leadership level.

The challenge for us now is to explore how we can effectively take the message of Trumpet Call down through the networks and districts to actually see the millions in the body of Christ coming to hear and respond before November planting time.

We are praying and seeking God for the next steps, with a sense of urgency and moment that God has us in.

Thank-you for all your prayers, your love and support. Please continue to pray for His Kingdom to come and His will to be done on Zimbabwe and beyond as it is in heaven.

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