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Trumpet Call for Transformation Resources

Trumpet Call Vision Document
Open or download the Trumpet Call Vision Document, which clearly outlines what Trumpet Call is about.

Remember the Poor
Download this message preached by Simon Pettit, on the role we have in remembering the poor.

Foundations for Farming Resources

The Story of Foundations for Farming:
Brian Oldreive is the founder of Foundations for Farming and this is the story of its origins.

Planting Sequence Chart:
This is a simple chart to illustrate how to farm using the Foundations for Farming technique

A Well Watered Garden (Planting Maize):
The term ‘well watered garden’ comes from Isaiah 58, a scripture which is very dear to FfF. This is a name we give to 6x6m maize demonstration plots which we encourage our practitioners & promoters to plant as a way of demonstrating the methodology and success of FfF.

Planting Soya Beans:
This is a brief outline of how we suggest you grow Soya Beans. The principles can be applied to any legume.

Crop Spacings & Rotations:
What about crops other than maize and soya beans? Here’s the planting spacings for some other crops. How do we stop disease and pest cycles? How do ensure that we build up our soils as best we can? Crop rotations help with these and more.

This is a crucial aspect to ensure that the system is manageable. Read on to find out how you can make your farming enterprise much easier!

Here’s how you can make excellent compost.

The Five Giants:
This is a brief document outlining the five most common things which people will bring up to suggest that conservation farming methods won’t work. But no giant is too big!

Got some more questions? Maybe you’ll find the answer here!

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